Newropeans is de eerste trans-Europese politieke beweging voor de democratisering van de Europese Unie. Newropeans zal in 2009 in alle EU-landen meedoen aan de Europese verkiezingen. Newropeans is een politiek antwoord op het zichtbare gebrek aan politiek leiderschap dat het democratisch tekort alleen maar versterkt. Newropeans laat zien dat Europese burgers bereid en in staat zijn om verantwoordelijkheid te nemen voor hun gemeenschappelijke toekomst.

zondag, oktober 01, 2006

Press release

I have the pleasure of informing you of the Newropeans Democracy Marathon 2006 (, the second edition of the citizen-based European debate.
The Newropeans Democracy Marathon is organised by Newropeans: the political movement for the democratisation of Europe. Newropeans is a political answer to the lack of leadership which is demonstrated in everyday policy making and to the increasing number of European citizens who want to have a say on European Union decisions. Newropeans brings new ideas to the EU and looks for an open discussion with everybody who is interested in the democratisation of the EU. Newropeans can not be classified on a classical left or right wing divide. We believe in a strong Europe which has a role to fulfil in the international arena. You will see that some of our proposals will mean more European involvement and others will mean less European involvement. What is important in all our discussions is the quest to build a EU that has democratic legitimacy and that is transparent and effective. Also at the core of our programme is the importance of keeping and encouraging a strong local, regional and/or national identity.
In 2009 Newropeans will take part in the elections for the European Parliament in 25 European countries. Newropeans is now in the process of building its organisation and developing its programme. The Newropeans Democracy Marathon is one of the methods we use to ensure that our programme reflects the opinion of the citizens of Europe. This Marathon will be repeated in 2007 and 2008. In the mean time we will interact with our members on our intranet site and we will set up a system of interactive programme development unequalled in the political spectrum in Europe. The results of these discussions with a truly European audience will be our programme for the elections; our members will decide on the content, and the European voters will decide whether this reflects their points of view. For further reference I would like to point you to our manifest and proposals on the website

On the basis of the proposals for a democratised European Union, Newropeans is organizing 100 debates throughout the European Union between September and December 2006 on the theme: "Where is Europe going - Newropeans’ vision of a democratised EU”. At this moment around 40 debates in 40 different cities are already organised in 10 different countries. More cities will be added to the list in the coming weeks. For further information, I would like to refer to the web-site